World class Technology - IBM Cognos

Bidetime's solutions incorporate the use of the recognised global leader for Business Intelligence and Performance Management software - IBM Cognos.

We've been implementing Cognos solutions in UK healthcare for over 25 years.

In addition to IBM Cognos implementation and solutions we also provide our propriety Intelligent Warehouse where appropriate and are a Microssoft Certified Partner.

Complete set of capabilities

IBM Cognos can provide every element for the full spectrum of Business Analytics.

Build great dashboards easily and quickly

Build great dashboards easily and quickly

  • Integrated into a single experience
  • Full spectrum of Business Intelligence and Performance Management capabilities, delivered in discrete modules so that you can deploy as much of the functionality as you need
  • No other BI provider can match the range capabilities that IBM Cognos offers
  • Backed by IBM you can be sure the software is reliable and scaleable
  • Bidetime provides 1st and 2nd line support
  • Bidetime is IBM's Premier Business Partner for Healthcare in the UK

Enterprise or Express

IBM Cognos can be sized in a number of ways but for smaller organisations Cognos Express, the much more affordable version, offers nearly all the capabilities of the full enterprise version but is limited to 100 Users.

We will guide you through the selection of the correct suite of licenses for your needs.

More details on IBM Cognos

Or visit their explanation and overview of:

To see IBM's online demonstration / overview of Cognos, please visit their demo webpage.

Mobile devices - healthcare on the move

IBM Cognos can be used on iPhones, iPad2, Blackberry and Android devices.

You can use Performing Healthcare whether your at your desk or on the move.

Web based

You don't need to install special software on Users' computers... it runs on standard browsers.

IT Environment Requirements

For a full set of environment requirements to run IBM Cognos please see the IBM webpage.