Performing Healthcare

Full spectrum of Business Intelligence and Performance Management software for UK healthcare organisations - supporting you in delivering your strategy and driving optimum performance.

The full solution consists of the Bidetime Intelligent Warehouse and IBM Cognos for Reporting and Planning.

Bidetime Intelligent Warehouse

Performance Management for healthcare organisations

Performance Management for healthcare organisations

We provide the ETL (Extract, Transform and Load) scripts to load the Intelligent Warehouse from your your systems (PAS, HR, finance, radiology etc etc) and use modularised solutions to deliver further intelligence in the warehouse that makes reporting easier and more reliable.

From simple naming conventions through to highly complex metric derivations, the Intelligent Warehouse contains significant value.

IBM Cognos

IBM is, of course, one of the largest and most respected software companies in the world.

With the highest possible quality and development teams available, the Cognos suite of products is now fully integrated and extremely powerful. The capabilities include:

  • Reporting
  • Queries
  • Analysis
  • Scorecards
  • Dashboards
  • Statistics
  • Planning

All of the above capabilities can be purchased in different ways for as many Users as you like.Together with the modular approach of the Bidetime Intelligent Warehouse, you can start on the road to Performance Management wherever you wish and evolve ths system as quickly as you want.

Incorporating full Performance Management capabilities

Incorporating full Performance Management capabilities