Intelligent Warehouse

Bidetime’s Intelligent Data Warehouse automatically collects and analyses data to monitor and produce reports on :

  • capacity
  • demand
  • performance management

The performance management element, for example, collects processes and prepares information relating:

  • outpatient demand (referral, booking and service, delivery data)
  • current outpatient and elective waiting list dynamics (including additions and removals)
  • inpatient service delivery (inpatient admissions, both elective and emergency)
  • Finance and Workforce (balances, budgets, vacancies and churn, sickness and absence)

Why ‘Intelligent’ Warehouse

It's not just a data repository; it uniquely models the processes of an NHS Trust and records information relevant to those processes.

Detailed cases in the database are updated under your control and statistics are only deployed when validated.

Authorised staff can intervene to reflect current position changes.

Outputs and Reporting

The Intelligent Warehouse creates summary and aggregated figures for internal reporting and external returns. CDS files can also be produced.

Data Sources

Intelligent Warehouse collects data from ODBC sources or from flat files in your legacy systems. 

Manual collection routines are also available.

Intelligent Warehouse is available on SQL Server or Oracle databases. 

Summary and Aggregation

Base data is automatically summarised and aggregated in all major categories and at relevant levels. 

‘Drill down’ is available to individual patient detail.

Standard and Calculated Measures

Intelligent Warehouse pre-calculates the performance measures you need to keep control over the management of the Trust.

As well as standard measures, such as referrals received and DNA rates, Intelligent Warehouse also provides performance measures such as Daycase ratios, conversion rates and waiting list movements.

Integration and Coverage 

Intelligent Warehouse can receive data from all standard PAS, Finance, Workforce and Departmental systems.

Implementation of Intelligent Warehouse can be planned before or after your move to NPFIT and is ready now for the iSOFT solution.  Moving before has many advantages including:

  • A stable information base across the new PAS implementation
  • Validation facilities for data migration and
  • Parallel running facilities