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Theatre Utilisation

Provide information on Theatre usage and booking experience for theatre staff (clinicians, staff and managers), the Trust and external bodies.

Information is provided graphically and in tables or pre-formatted reports and includes:

  • Theatre utilisation: comparison of available, planned and actual operating times in theatres
  • Staff activity: details of staff involvement in operations, including average timing and ‘surgical log’ & ‘anaesthetic log’ production
  • More detailed information in the Intelligent Warehouse on operations and
  • Booking patterns: analysis of operation bookings, cancellations and subsequent rebooking including patient choice (this requires detailed booking information)

Information provided includes:

  • Available theatre time
  • Planned theatre session time, cancelled sessions and reasons
  • Session time used
  • Operating time

Below is an example table:

Example information table

Example information table

This module also allows details of cancelled operations to be added to your Trust's corporate scorecard so that utilisation of this critical set of assets can be optimised.

The data captured in this module is very wide ranging and includes:

  • Theatres
  • Theatre sessions
  • Planned sessions (including the split between planned, unscheduled and emergency codes)
  • Operation bookings (including the capture of cancelled operations, together with the reason codes)
  • Procedures
  • Staff Member, Staff Operation and Staff Procedure