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Scorecards and Dashboards

Organisation-wide interactive scorecards and dashboards that allow performance metrics to be cascaded across a Trust - aligning staff to the organisation's objectives and giving senior management the visibility to drive strategy.

Information for clinicians, managers, front-line staff and external bodies

Information for clinicians, managers, front-line staff and external bodies

Includes interactive dashboards, roll-over graphs for every KPI, drill-down to detail and:

  • Workflow system for allocating and tracking actions around any particular KPI
  • Allocation of KPI ownership so that department, team or individual performance can be fairly measured

Other important facets are:

  • Fast deployment... allowing your information to deliver new dashboards very quickly (often in less than an hour)
  • Self-service capability... so that Users can easily construct their own reports and can drill down as they want (relieving the pressure on the Information department)
  • Role-based tailoring... so that Users get the information that's right for them

This Starter-Pack can include an intensive and interactive workshop where we show your Information Team how to set up scorecards, define KPIs, create dashboards and automatically update metrics.

Example summary scorecard

Example summary scorecard

This module is invaluable in helping you deliver your organisation's strategy:

  • Provides the tools for professional Performance Management across your organisation
  • Allows you to cascade KPIs from the strategy through to front-line staff
  • Delivers feedback on performance at all levels
  • Permits senior management to track crucial performance areas such as mortality rates at clinician level
  • Ability to quickly implement 'Improvement Teams' with tasks and a dedicated communication platform