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Performing Healthcare

The full end-to-end solution that takes healthcare organisations through all the steps to optimal Performance Management.

Includes an Intelligent Data Warehouse, full suite of interactive dashboards, scorecards and reports, powerful analysis tools, financial and performance planning / projection and many more features.

Full Performance Management from one system

Full Performance Management from one system

Performing Healthcare is the ultimate information solution that takes Trusts from their existing information arrangements, be it using Excel only or a Business Intelligence system, to the maximum available in today’s technology.

The solution includes:

  • Intelligent data warehousing – a single, trusted repository and source of data
  • World-class reporting, dashboards and planning platform – IBM Cognos (a recognised leader in BI & Planning software)
  • Bidetime Healthcare solutions – suite of pre-designe and validated tools and configurations
  • Tools and training – for the Trust’s Information team to deliver accurate and reliable information - easily and quickly
Overview architecture schematic

Overview architecture schematic

The system has transformed NHS Trusts across the UK. With over 4,000 Users across 100 sites, our end-to-end solution has been thoroughly validated.

A key benefit of our ‘solution-based’ approach is that we use pre-built ‘Starter-Packs’ so that Clients are up-and-running quickly - which also means that there are quick-wins to get buy-in across the organisation.

The Performing Healthcare system is a complete solution, allowing Trusts to:

  • Define your strategy and cascade objectives across the Trust to align staff to your goals
  • Plan for performance and share with staff and external stakeholders
  • Connect activities to provide a single Trust-wide source of information
  • Engage with and monitor staff at all levels in the provision of Trust and Departmental scorecards
  • Automatically deploy updated reports with easy-to-use end user analysis
  • Re-forecast future finaicial performance so that short-falls or surpluses can be managed in advance.
Performing healthcare overview

Performing healthcare overview