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Payment by Results

Processing, monitoring, planning and analyis of contracts, charges, payments and SLAs for commissioners or providers.


Accurate charges and payments

Accurate charges and payments

This Solution lets you process your Trust-wide activity using local rules to change or exclude activity types and calculate revenue from tariff and other standard rules. It allows the import of summarised or contact based, non-PAS activity and includes this in the contract totals. It also manages submissions to SUS for payment, ensuring that the submissions match the numbers being used for internal monitoring.

Easy-to-use budgeting and forecasting support system so that Trusts can understand clinical procedure costs, operational volume requirements and raise / pay accurate bills. Can also include a powerful modelling facility to assess the impact of changes and What-If scenarios.

Our PbR module and, if you need it, the additional PbR Planner allows Acute Trusts to plan, monitor and quickly analyse their SLAs with commissioners. This means that revenue, service delivery and operating costs can be optimised – either on a case-by-case basis or across the entire Trust.

Audit Commission chair, James Strachan, commented: “In this environment, where you have potentially more confrontational relationships with purchasers and other providers, Trusts need real-time information about their costs…”.

Payment by Results helps you take advantage of the opportunity to be rewarded for efficiency and will also help you manage expenditure within National Tariff prices, avoiding potential ‘under-funding’ or cashflow problems.

The PbR Planner option gives Trusts the tools to maximise the opportunity and minimise the threat.

PbR Planner (optional)

Planning, budgeting and in-year reforecasting

Planning, budgeting and in-year reforecasting

Consistent, easy-to-access and accurate information is required for the new changing environment. Key features in PbR Planner are:

  • Powerful planning functions to help establish SLAs that are within commissioners budgets and sufficient for the Trust's targets and funding needs
  • Accurate, reliable analysis and reporting of actual performance against plan
  • Easy-to-use forecasting to provide clear visibility of expected future performance and
  • Powerful modelling facilities to assess the impact of planned or proposed changes.

Other features include:

  • Revenue forecasting by month to ensure adequate funding and cashflow
  • Accurate activity monitoring and cost-based reports… against planned performance
  • Set and flex departmental budgets to ensure that expenditure and income are aligned
  • Quarterly funding adjustments, re-forecasts and performance indicators across the Trust

Excel provides powerful analysis in small-scale circumstances but only enterprise-grade systems can handle multiple users, multiple data-source environments and also provide the scaleability, flexibility, consistency and fast response needed to effectively manage a Trust.

Our PbR Planner supports all these needs.

How it works

PbR Planner implementation starts with an income model – based on your planned activities and providing predicted incomes based on current PbR rules and your local SLA’s.

The full feature set and context of the system is shown in the diagram below. PbR Planner lets you compare income with indicative expenditure derived from your reference costs and a rule-based allocation of fixed, semi-fixed and variable costs. Accurate service profitability is a key measure that helps Trusts optimise their performance.

PbR Planner Overview

PbR Planner Overview

PbR Planner integrates operational and financial planning in real time for immediate visibility into resource requirements and future business performance. It provides unprecedented power and flexibility to create, compare, and evaluate business scenarios, conditions, drivers, rates, and assumptions.

You can access current actual data to assess fiscal performance, and proceed from "what-is" to evaluate the "what-if" scenarios critical to forecasting future performance. And PbR Planner can help you build Trust-wide budgets and forecasts faster and more efficiently. The result? True predictability and accountability across your organisation.

Key element in Performance Management

PbR Planner can include planning capacity constraints and the ability to turn these models into the driver for ‘flex budgeting’ so that departmental budgets and Trust income can be modelled and flow in line with activity.

PbR Planner can be a key part of a Performance Management suite and is especially important for the finance and planning departments.