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PAS Analyser

Crucial insights for hospital managers. Reports, scorecards and dashboards focused on Inpatients, Outpatients, Referrals PTL and waiting lists (RTT, 18 weeks etc).


Performance visibility for front-line staff, managers and clinicians

Performance visibility for front-line staff, managers and clinicians

This solution is the first step on the road to full Performance Management and can include data-warehouse preparation / population as well as configuration of IBM Cognos (Framework Manager, OLAP cubes and reports / dashboards).

This module delivers a range of vital reports covering activity, clinical performance, statistics / summary data and waiting list analyses such as:

  • RTT (Referral To Treatment)
  • 18 week performance
  • PTLs (Primary Target Lists)

All the reports, dashboards and scorecards come with drill-down ability for more detail at ward, specialty or consultant level and can be limited to particular time periods so that comparitive performance can be easily assessed.

PAS Analyser PLUS

Extends PAS Analyser to cover more complex reports and dashboards - including, for example, Day Case Rates, Re-admissions and PTL for Diagnostics.

Analysis, insights and information

Analysis, insights and information

Information from PAS Analyser is tailored to suite each person who receives the data... showing them the summary or details of what they need to do their job better.

Security is linked to their role and can be associated with your own directory server so that patient data is provided only to those that need it.