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Clinic Utilisation

Recording, reporting, analysis of outpatient capacity & utilisation.

Shows slots available and slots used - with details and filters for type of clinic so that doctors and managers can see where improvements can be made.

Clinic utilisation

Clinic utilisation

Information provided

Clinic slot analysis allows the Trust to analyse and report on the past utilisation of clinic slots as well as the capacity of future clinics. The sample chart below shows how the slots have been used in the past (attends, DNAs and unused) and bookings/free slots into the future:

And Clinic Session Statistics (by clinic and date) can include:

  • Number sessions held
  • Number sessions cancelled (with reasons)
  • Number sessions reduced
  • Number slots overbooked and
  • Number slots reduced 

Clinic utilisation data allows the Trust to analyse the number of sessions held, blocked and cancelled, including notice periods for cancellations to enable the monitoring of six-week (ie < 42 calendar days) cancellation rules.  Similarly, the monitoring of blocking can be included.

Example utilisation graph

Example utilisation graph

Slot analysis also allows the Trust to identify clinics apparently held but where there was no activity – a possibly cancelled clinic not notified to the Trust.

The clinic slot information is around the heart of this module and can include (by clinic, date and visit type):

  • Total number of slots available
  • Number of slots free
  • Number of slots booked
  • Number of slots attended
  • Number of slots DNAd


Data extract(s) will be created or modified to suit your PAS and other associated operational systems - for example 'Removed' sessions are excluded from Outpatient utilisation data.

Split by type of clinic

Split by type of clinic

Data extracts are adjusted to hold details of individual clinic cancellations, with the reasons for cancellation, to enable accurate analysis and reporting of appointments affected. Booking reschedules are also tracked, also with reasons for rescheduling, to assess the number of appointments affected by clinic cancellations and to allow the recalculation of patient waiting times due to patient cancellations.