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A & E - Reporting and Optimisation

Provides critical information for anyone managing or working in A&E:

  • Patient/referral activity (categorised by source) 
  • Internal wait times (to treatment or admission)
  • Clinical information on presenting complaints, diagnostics and treatments


Optimising A&E performance

Optimising A&E performance

Information provided falls into four main categories:

  • Management information for the department on activity
  • Performance information for the Trust, usually a sub-set or summary of the department’s management information
  • Clinical information - linked to the patient so that clinicians can refine their view on specific areas of interest
  • Data quality information (especially times... making it easier for the information to be relied upon)

Information is tailored to the person receiving it:

Example information

Example information

  • Dynamic operational information can be displayed on wall-boards or in prominent computers in the A&E department... keeping staff abreast of the volume of patients, waiting times and any potential 4hr breaches
  • Clinicians can see more patient specific data so that they can more rapidly attend to the pressing needs

Information is extracted from your PAS / other systems and is presented in a variety of ways. An example is shown below:

Access security carefully controlled. User logins can be linked to your Trust's directory so that single-sign-on makes acess easier and also allows easier centralised control.