About Us

Our experience

We have been delivering IT solutions for Healthcare Trusts for over 25 years. Currently over 4,000 people use our systems, across more than 100 sites.

Most of our experience is with healthcare providers (Acute Trusts and Mental Health Trusts) and commissioners (PCTs and GPs) in the UK but we have also delivered systems to police constabularies and charities.

What we deliver

Our solutions typically consist of:

  • Interactive dashboards, scorecards and reports so that Users can see how they are doing and, if needed, drill-down to get more information
  • A data-warehouse to ensure trusted, consistent and accurate data
  • Analysis tools so that more advanced users can model their data, slice-and-dice it and produce even greater insight
  • User-friendly tool-kits and training so that our clients can be ‘self-sufficient’ and can evolve the system as needs change in the future.

Solution approach

We use a Starter-Pack approach - out-of-the-box solutions. This means that we use our industry knowledge and technical expertise to get customers up and running very quickly. We do not believe in lengthy consulting / discovery phases (although a little is usually needed).

This approach means that our systems are:

  • Powerful and easy-to-use
  • Delivered more quickly
  • Create early-wins to get buy-in across an organisation
  • More cost effective


Our systems are built with two main components:

  • Our Intelligent Warehouse (“IW”) – that ensures consistent, trusted data at the core
  • IBM Cognos – world-class Business Intelligence and Performance Management software. This incredibly powerful software allows end-users to be easily self-sufficient for their reports and will support an Information team in delivering complex analysis services and even full predicitive analytics if desired.